I’m just gonna shake.


Collette :)


Taylor Swift rehearsing Love Story at the iHeart Radio Festival


Tay playing guitar for Clayton, the guy who played her love interest in her music video for Tim McGraw.


taylor swift + hysterically dancing, 2010 // 2014

"I´m super real with people. Incredibly. If someone’s really cool and nice and just wants to talk, I will fucking hang out and chat all day."


So for my Sunday, I hung out with @taylorswift and her parents in Nashville. Heard all of #1989. She wanted another picture for our growing collection and story. So she was like “let’s look super bored and unenthusiastic like this is just not a big deal” this time. So we did. She was such a great hostess and her baking skills are above par. SO GOOD. And it was an incredible time. It was so good to see her again and chill. OH and she’s great at stalking us. She is just awesome. 😊 Love you Taylor! Thank you so much again! #1989SECRETSESSIONS #1989SECRETSESSIONSNASHVILLE

Taylor about feminism


TAYLOR SWIFT I love your handwriting, mine literally looks like chicken scratch. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS

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